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Front Loader Vs Top Loader: Which Washing Machine Is For You?

The history of a washing machine dates back to the eighteenth century. Ever since, it is continuously diversifying in form, function, efficiency, and mechanism. There is no rocket science involved in using a washing machine. The ones introduced in the markets today are simple that even your child can do his/her own laundry. However, what really costs you some effort is the choice of the machine that you need to buy. To start with, there are two basic options to choose from. One is the front load machine and the other is the top load machine. How do you choose…

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Apple Watch Vs Galaxy Watch: Pros and Cons

What’s this craze for smartwatches? Are you in awe of the recent technological outburst in the hand gear section? Read through the article to be in a better position and make the right decision. Introduction: With the recently released Apple Smartwatch Series 4, the market is rife with speculation that it is going to be the best smartwatch wearable from the giant yet. This may be because the smartphone comes with a much larger display; something that smartwatch manufacturers shy away from because it makes the watch look bulky and out of fashion. Apart from the bigger, the bolder display,…

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15 Clothing Tricks Every Girl Should Know

Do you want to refine your style without spending a fortune? Are you one of those people who get jittery and bored to plunge on a shopping spree? Worry not, you are on the right platform. Read the article to know more about a few simple tricks which would enhance your dressing style and make a statement, loud and clear. Buying new clothes might be an exciting thing (or expensive, though a lot of women use Afterpay these days), but if you are someone who always finds it a struggle to pick the right fit, here are a few tricks…

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7 Useful Apple Watch Tips And Tricks 

An Apple Watch is a future-ready electronic gadget. Apple is a tech brand with an unshakeable reputation. No matter how strong the contenders are, how ultra cool new features are, how low the prices are (though a lot of people are using Afterpay to pay for their watch), other brands can’t beat Apple. It always has its charm. The unrivalled quality that the brand offers can be seen in each of its products and the Apple Watch is no exception. So how do you make the most of your Apple Watch? Here are 7 useful tips. Monitor your health and…

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7 Furniture Shopping Tips 

Furniture brings out the character of a room it adorns. It has the silent power to make or break the aesthetics of a room. This is the reason why people spend so much time shopping for furniture. If you find the varied options overwhelming, then here are a few tips to ease your worries. Do not be afraid to try DIY versions DIY furniture doesn’t always have to involve designing one from scratch. Sometimes you would find DIY kits that come with all the desired materials. With a handful of tools, you would be able to assemble a piece of…

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5 Storage Hacks To Make The Most Out Of Your Furniture 

Organizing your home and keeping it clutter free, can help eliminate your stress. When you have a home that is neatly organized, cleaning your home becomes a simple task. It motivates you to put things back in their place to avoid a mess. This is a beneficial cycle that can save you a lot of time and efforts. It doesn’t really matter whether you have a large home or a small one. It doesn’t really matter whether you have kids or pets at home. It doesn’t really matter whether you have lots of things at home. Here are some simple…

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5 Clever Shoe Storage Ideas

A complete fashionable look is quite incomplete without pairing it with that perfect looking shoes. One wrong choice and the complete look can be spoiled, not to forget the lens catches every detail of a model. Shoes are the accessories that never fails to impress the other person. Buying shoes according to your choice and taste can be an exciting factor. However, when there is no proper solution for storage, then comes the problem. You either run around searching for the pair of your shoe or just lock them in your closet, keep it hidden somewhere and totally forget about…

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3 Tips For Decorating Around a Tv

Televisions today can do so much more than what they could a few years ago. They are getting larger in terms of the screen size and slimmer in terms of their profile, and while you can get more for your money compared to 5 years ago, they do still cost a bunch (but hey, that’s why we built this Afterpay TV page). As for mounting your tv, some prefer wall mounting a television while the others might prefer keeping it on the flat surface of the entertainment unit. Dressing up your living room often talks a lot about your knowledge…

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Samsung vs iPhone: The Major Differences

apple vs samsung

Some of the differences between a Samsung smartphone and an Apple iPhone are reasonably obvious. For anyone with an Apple phone who is trying to work out what that green robot means or a Samsung fan who can’t understand an Apple addict’s loyalty: Here are some of the significant differences between the two brands. Apple vs Android A more proper description of the variances between the two brands would be to compare Apple to Android. This is because the main difference is the ecosystem of their OS (operating system). It’s evident when you have used both brands as to what…

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How to Update an Android Without Buying a New Phone

updating android street

If you’re running an Android OS, then it’s essential that you update your phone to the latest version. It may be the most popular operating system on the market, but this open-source OS is battling to win the war against a continual malware onslaught. It’s not necessary to buy a new phone to get access to the latest functions, as that would be a bit crazy, and expensive (unless you use something like afterpay, zippay, or oxipay). An update can often bring new life to an old device. If you have a phone that operates on Android, here’s how to…

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