3 Tips For Decorating Around a Tv

By April 26, 2019 TV

Televisions today can do so much more than what they could a few years ago. They are getting larger in terms of the screen size and slimmer in terms of their profile, and while you can get more for your money compared to 5 years ago, they do still cost a bunch (but hey, that’s why we built this Afterpay TV page).

As for mounting your tv, some prefer wall mounting a television while the others might prefer keeping it on the flat surface of the entertainment unit. Dressing up your living room often talks a lot about your knowledge and taste about interior designs. Right from the TV you choose to its placement, there are various details that might affect the look of your living room. The other major detail to work on is the way you decorate the wall around your television. This would help you coordinate the looks in every corner of your living room and on every wall, so your tech gadgets in the living room would not break the look.

Begin with creating a list of gadgets that you would place in your living room. From televisions to home theatre systems, multimedia players and speakers there might be various entertainment gadgets in the living room. When you know what you will be having in your living room you would be able to finalize the positioning of each of these gadgets. This will allow you to decide on the shelves or racks to place in your living room. Make use of the wall space as much as possible. Wall mounted racks can often solve the same purpose as the ones placed on the floor. When you wall mount your racks you would have plenty of floor space left and this makes your living room look spacious and welcoming.

TV decorating

Hide those cords

Making the first major decision would be to choose whether or not to wall mount your television. Then comes the strategy to work with those cables. This is one of the most evident ways to ensure that your television doesn’t mar the aesthetics of your living room. Cord organization is an art. Depending on the type of cords you are dealing with you can choose suitable organizers. Simple cable ties can do the trick. Choose the ones that match the color of your cords so as to create a more concealed look. For the living room, just cable ties would not be sufficient. Cut-outs on the wall, cable cover kits can all be useful in this aspect. Once you have got the basics here are 3 ideas to decorate around your television –

Choose the right entertainment unit

Using the right type of entertainment unit can be the best way to start decorating around your television. Eclectic, contemporary, vintage, industrial, colonial – the options are many when you choose living room entertainment units. Therefore you can easily match it with your living room interior décor theme. If you cannot find one to blend with the looks, get one customized. When you have a great looking entertainment unit it can be the center of attraction of your living room. Choose an entertainment unit that offers all the storage space you need around your television. The ones that come with a rear wall panel can provide a neat way to channel your cables out of sight. You would also be able to store your television remote and other electronic accessories close to the television for an easy grab.

Bare wall for minimalism and full customization

Having a plain wall around your television helps create the look of your dreams without many efforts. Use photos or posters all around the television. You can stick with a particular theme to create a more symmetric look. You can also use the same size frames or those in the same color for a uniform look. If you have some pretty works of art to flaunt use the wall around your television. Two large wall paintings on either side of the television can distract the sight away from the gadget.

Plants and more plants

Adding plants can be a functional and fashionable way to decorate around the TV. Electronic gadgets at home and the various appliances are known to contribute to polluting the indoor air. This is one reason why indoor air quality is found to be as bad as outdoor air quality or worse in some cases. Therefore adding plants can be a good way to maintain clean indoor air. Here are some ideas to add plants around your television-

  • Hanging plants from the ceiling on either side of the television
  • Placing plants on a desk below your TV.

Be careful when you place plants above your TV. Drips and spills are likely even if there is a saucer below the planter. Therefore placing plants directly above your TV might not be the safest option. Choose the right type of plants and place them at the optimal spots around your TV. The touch of green can be a sight for the sore eyes. In a room filled with tech and modern appliances bringing some greenery can be a great twist to the aesthetics.

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