Apple Watch Vs Galaxy Watch: Pros and Cons

By May 23, 2019 Watches

What’s this craze for smartwatches? Are you in awe of the recent technological outburst in the hand gear section? Read through the article to be in a better position and make the right decision.

Apple watch


With the recently released Apple Smartwatch Series 4, the market is rife with speculation that it is going to be the best smartwatch wearable from the giant yet. This may be because the smartphone comes with a much larger display; something that smartwatch manufacturers shy away from because it makes the watch look bulky and out of fashion.

Apart from the bigger, the bolder display, it also boasts of an inbuilt electrocardiogram and a fall detector that it claims can save lives.

Not to be left behind, Galaxy has also come out with its Tizen operating software based smartwatch that is directly in competition with Apple’s Series 4. Galaxy claims that its battery lasts a whopping four days!

A casual comparison of the specs of the two smartwatches can leave a tech freak confused. Here is a detailed analysis between the two smartwatches so that it is easier to determine which is a better deal.

The Costing:

Apple has reportedly slashed fifty dollars off from its Series 3 smartwatch. The recently released series 4 is going to be retailing at a starting price of $399 for its basic model and for an LTE version, the watch is pegged at $499.

Galaxy has played a smart game by keeping its price range in line with its previous hit models. The price of the just-released smartwatch is at par with its previous models. There is a small variation in price with the bigger dial available at $399 and the relatedly smaller one at $375 only.

The Design:

Samsung plays safe with the classic circular design of the watch face which it released in two different sizes; 42mm and 46mm. Apple, however, had gone bold and beautiful with a designer twist to its watch face by electing to go angular. The display is bold and big and comes in two varying sizes namely 40mm and 44mm.


Samsung 46mm is available in silver only and its 42mm comes in two colours that are black and rose gold. Apple has a steel colour with three finishes in both its sizes. They are polished, space black and gold stainless.


Personally, Apple with its larger screen and scrolling function is more convenient than galaxy with a rotating bagel in the side.

Customer feedback:

Both the smartwatches seem to be doing brisk business, with galaxy watches flying off the shelf because of its cost. However, we do see a lot of Apple fans lapping up the stocks at most showrooms. As of now, there seems to be a level playing field.


The LED fitness sensor in Apple is a sure winner. A lot of news on how it has actually been instrumental in saving lives by alerting the users of reduced or increased heart activities outside of a workout, has benefitted the brand sales.

There is a lovely new feature in Series 4 where the watch will automatically dial in, in case it detects that the person had a fall and is not moving for more than a minute.

On the other hand, Galaxy has improved its stress management feature markedly and it has a very interesting feature to detect the increased heart rate of the user too.

Both the watches are waterproof and GPS enabled.

Battery life:

Preliminary tests in laboratory conditions have indeed confirmed that the battery of Galaxy smartwatch lives up to its claim of lasting for full four days. This department alone, Apple lags behind having managed to be able to provide only 18 hours of battery life. This is however praiseworthy given that the previous versions died down on the user in only eight hours. Disappointing but we need to give it to Galaxy on this count.

Smartphone compatibility Vis a Vis other’s operating software:

Galaxy smartwatch is compatible with not only its android version but also the iOS version. This across the counter compatibility is one of the reasons for its increased popularity among its patrons. Apple, however, is only compatible with its closed iOS.

A number of applications on the watch:

Apple can be considered a winner from the beginning. Having the most number of apps in its kitty and going on adding to them is no mean feat. On the other hand, a lot of prominent applications are missing from Galaxy. One thing that saved it is that it has brought back some of the applications that it never considered in its previous versions/models.


The judgment is pronounced in favour of Samsung. It will surely lift the cup home for its dual compatibility across the board and its brilliant long battery life.

But with Apple ruthlessly slashing $50 dollars from its Series 3 smartwatch (maybe even eliminating the need to use Afterpay to purchase your watch), we cannot help but tell you that it is worth every penny that you will invest in it! Now, only if Apple could manage to make batteries as good as Galaxy!!

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