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Afterpay Jewellery – Buy Now Pay Later

Robert Collins AuthorAuthor: Robert Collins
Updated June, 2024

Buy Now Pay Later services have become increasingly popular over recent years which is great for consumers because more shops are jumping on board.

Services like Afterpay, ZipPay, Clearpay and Openpay have made it easy for consumers to pay for various products in smaller installments.

We've provided a list of the most recommended retailers based on a number of factors, including Support, Shipping & Range of products.

Stores selling Jewellery that accept Afterpay, ZipPay, Clearpay or Oxipay/Humm

List coming soon…


What to Look for When Choosing Jewellery

There are plenty of factors to consider when choosing the right jewellery for you. Color, skin tone, body shape, and style are all important. It can be overwhelming, but if you take some time to determine what works for you, then you’ll know for future shopping expeditions.


There are lots of different types of jewellery, including necklaces, chokers, rings, bracelets, earrings, broaches, pins, and less common items like ankle bracelets or toe rings. Many people may also consider cuff links or tie clips to be a type of jewellery. In some cultures, crowns, tiaras, nose rings, or belly chains are popular.

Each type of jewellery is essential and can convey status, mood, or other significance. If you have heirloom jewellery, this may mean more to you than store bought jewellery, and you’ll choose to wear it even if it doesn’t complement your style.

Necklaces tend to be elegant but fun. Draping something around your neck completes your outfit and sets the tone for your style, whether it’s a day at work or an evening out. Bracelets are trendy and fashionable but do well to stay out of a work environment, because they can be distracting.

Earrings are commonplace, and with so many types of earrings out there, you can wear them all the time with any outfit. Rings are also standard, especially when it comes to wedding rings that can be worn every day with every outfit.

Matching Your Skin Tone

There are three different types of skin tones: cool, warm, and neutral. Cool skin tones are pale or slightly red. The cool skin tone burns quickly, and those with it have dark brown, black, or blonde hair with brown or light blue eyes.

Warm skin tones tan easily and are espresso or ebony colored. They have hazel, green, or bright blue eyes, and red or blonde hair. Neutral skin tones don’t have red, olive, or espresso color, and can be categorized with cool skin tones.

Once you figure out which skin tone applies to you, you can match it with the right jewellery. Cool skin tones look great with blue, red, and purple jewellery like tourmaline, garnet, ruby, sapphire, amethyst, aquamarine, or topaz. They also match well with a white metal like white gold or silver.

Warm skin tones look great with green, orange, and yellow stones like citrine, zircon, imperial topaz, spessartite garnet, jade, peridot, or emerald. Yellow metals like copper or yellow gold look great as well. And in case you were wondering, diamonds look great on everybody.

If you’re a bit old fashioned and want to get a set of pearls, you’ll look fantastic in white and rose pearls if you have a cool skin tone, or silver pearls if you have a warm skin tone.

Matching Your Face Shape

The first step to figuring out your face shape is to take measurements. Tie your hair back and measure the hairline, the cheekbones horizontally across your entire face, the jawline, and the vertical length from hairline to chin. Write your measurements down to determine your shape.

A round face will have almost the same cheekbone measurement as vertical measurement. They’re nearly a perfect circle because the face isn’t broader or longer. Oval faces are longer by about 50% than they are long.

Square faces have strong jawlines. Their jawlines will be the same width as their hairline. Heart-shaped faces are full at the cheekbones with narrow jawlines and hairlines. A diamond face has a small chin with a wide hairline.

After you determine your face shape, you can match it with the right jewellery. A round face looks great with long necklaces and long earrings that have rectangles or trapezoid shapes. Oval faces are the most versatile, but they look particularly good in hoop or chandelier earrings.

Square faces can balance their shape out with pendant necklaces and curved shapes like hoop earrings. Heart faces can pull off chokers and short necklaces best as well as triangle earrings. Diamond faces can wear chokers and short hoop earrings to make the chin look longer.

Matching Your Eye Color

If you love your eyes and want to show them off, matching jewellery to your eye, color is a great way to do that. Your eyes are where people generally look while talking to you, and you can make them pop with some well-matched jewellery.

If you have blue eyes, choose stones like sapphire or blue topaz to match. In contrast to your eyes, you can wear spinel or pink sapphire.

Brown eyes are beautifully complemented with rubies and garnets, or you can provide contrast with blue sapphires and other deep blue colors.

Hazel eyes look radiant with green stones like peridot or emerald.

Green eyes are the least common color, so showing them off is a must with emerald or jade stones.


When it comes to style, you are the only person who can determine what you like best and what you wear most often, but matching your jewellery to your wardrobe is critical.

Sentimental people will have one or two pieces that they love and wear every day. Wedding rings and heirloom pieces fall into this category. There’s nothing wrong with this, but you can enhance your sentimental pieces by finding other things you can layer to complement your favorites. If your heirloom piece is a locket, you can add a second necklace with a bar to balance it out.

If you dress up every day, elegant pieces will be more your style. Diamonds, pearls, heels, and handbags work here. When your everyday outfit is someone else’s evening outfit, a well-placed hairpin or a bracelet with some bling will go well here.

If you enjoy the librarian look with glasses and collared shirts, then you can look adorable in monograms or hearts to round out your outfit.

People who wear casual clothing can wear big statement jewellery pieces to express their personality and wow everyone around them.


Never buy something you’re uncomfortable wearing. Less is more in a situation where you’re not sure if it’s appropriate. You always want to be comfortable when wearing your favorite jewellery.

What Is Buy Now Pay Later

If you have your eye on that perfect piece, but you’re scared of the price tag, try a buy now pay later program like Afterpay, ZipPay, or Oxipay. You can enjoy your jewellery now and pay for it in easy monthly installments.

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