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 Tv 101: Led Vs Oled 

If buying a TV is on your mind, there are reasons enough that you are confused about choosing between an LED and OLED TV. Before making a choice you certainly need to know the difference in the way these TVs function. What’s an LED? The LED which means light emitting diode, are tiny bulbs that produce the bright and colourful images on your screen.  The LED have screen panels, a set of lights which does the function of bringing your screen to light. Though these LEDs can be produced at a very small size they’re not too small as to…

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3 Tips For Decorating Around a Tv

Televisions today can do so much more than what they could a few years ago. They are getting larger in terms of the screen size and slimmer in terms of their profile, and while you can get more for your money compared to 5 years ago, they do still cost a bunch (but hey, that’s why we built this Afterpay TV page). As for mounting your tv, some prefer wall mounting a television while the others might prefer keeping it on the flat surface of the entertainment unit. Dressing up your living room often talks a lot about your knowledge…

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