5 Storage Hacks To Make The Most Out Of Your Furniture 

By April 28, 2019 furniture

Organizing your home and keeping it clutter free, can help eliminate your stress. When you have a home that is neatly organized, cleaning your home becomes a simple task. It motivates you to put things back in their place to avoid a mess. This is a beneficial cycle that can save you a lot of time and efforts. It doesn’t really matter whether you have a large home or a small one. It doesn’t really matter whether you have kids or pets at home. It doesn’t really matter whether you have lots of things at home. Here are some simple storage hacks that can help you economically use your space (these can work for a variety of items, like books, shoes, etc.). This would help you make the most of the furniture you have at home. All these are applicable for your indoor and outdoor furniture as well.

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  1. Invest in furniture that you would actually use

You should think a lot before you make a decision on buying furniture. It is a trend these days to get maximum looks with minimal furniture. There might be awesome deals or quirky types of furniture that are available at the store but choose only the ones that you truly need. Stocking up on too many items can be the first mistake to avoid when it comes to maintaining an organized home. The size of the furniture and the placement can make or break the looks of the room. If you need sufficient storage space you should be able to shortlist the most appropriate furniture and layout for each room in the house.

  1. Collapsible and customizable furniture

Collapsible furniture is great choices simply because they can be tossed away when you do not need them. Collapsible wardrobes are some of the most common types of easy to store furniture. But this is not all. You would be able to find several foldaway furniture choices including dining tables and study desks. There are some which come with a foldaway design that makes it easy to store them when not in use. Some come with an expandable design which makes it easy to add extra seating or working space when required. There are storage shelves that can be fully customized. You would be able to add storage cubes or modular shelves when you need extra storage space.

  1. Multi-utility furniture

These are furniture that consists of more than one utility in the design. The classic sofa cum bed options are some of the best examples of these. You would not have to worry about the lack of space in a small studio apartment. Or if there are guests at home you would always have a spare bed ready to use. All it takes is to fold down your sofa to access the bed. Benches and beds with storage are the other examples of multi-utility furniture. So, you do not need additional storage racks.

  1. Do not always go for the floor space

Storage options and furniture do not always have to be designed for the floor layout. Work desks, for example, can be designed so as to be wall mounted. You can also design them to be foldable so that the desk can be folded against the wall once you are done using it. This gives you more space to move around. In the case of storage shelves, you can choose floating shelves as well as hanging shelves that can be hung from the walls or ceilings. Therefore these leave the floor space unused. This is a good way to create virtual space and make the room look spacious while you also have plenty of storage spaces.

  1. Organizers can do the trick

Whatever be the type of furniture you own, choosing the right type of organizers can help complete your storage and organization strategy. If there is no space in your room you can invest in sliding trolley storage which allows you to store things under your bed. There are sofa arm caddies and bedside caddies which can be conveniently hung without requiring any tedious installation process. These neatly add up some space to store things without using up additional floor space. In the case of bookshelves and storage racks, organization cubes and baskets make it easy to segregate the items. This makes it easy to remember what goes where. This ensures that random items do not lay strewn on the floor or seating areas.

Remember that you do not always have to add new storage space to organize the things at home. Start with a strong plan. Look for easy organizers and temporary storage options that can be added to the existing furniture. This is one way to ensure that you have an organized home which is not fully packed with furniture at every corner.

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