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Afterpay Computer Parts – Buy Now Pay Later

Robert Collins AuthorAuthor: Robert Collins
Updated July, 2024

Buy Now Pay Later services have become increasingly popular over recent years which is great for consumers because more shops are jumping on board.

Services like Afterpay, ZipPay, Clearpay and Openpay have made it easy for consumers to pay for various products in smaller installments.

We've provided a list of the most recommended retailers based on a number of factors, including Support, Shipping & Range of products.

Stores selling computer parts that accept Afterpay, ZipPay, Clearpay, or Oxipay/Humm

WebsiteBuy Now Pay Later ServicesSupportRange of ProductsShippingVisit Site
FREEVisit Site

Computers are now an essential part of our day-to-day life and fulfil various functions for us. Be it for work, content editing or gaming, we often need our machines to run at their best. With many options available for upgrades which will enhance your experience, you have the ability to make your computer a powerful one.

From CPUs and hard drives to motherboards and RAM, purchasing new computer parts can be tricky as there are so many to choose from. Below we have touched on a few of the main computer parts that people look to upgrade for their machines.

Identifying The Computer Parts You Need

In order to determine how to get the most out of your computer, you need to understand and evaluate the various aspects/components of the computer and how they perform.

Processor (CPU)

The central processing unit (CPU) can be thought of as the brain of the computer. With each yearly upgrade, processors become more powerful and efficient. This important component sends signals to the various others within the computer and helps run certain software.

If you are looking for an entry-level CPU, Intel’s Core i3 chips are the cheapest. They are suitable for computers that will do basic tasks as they feature the least powerful processors available.

For a more mid-range processor, you should consider Intel’s i5 chips which provide a cost-effective solution for people who want to perform more intermediate tasks on their computers. They provide a good balance between cost and performance and have ample speed for power usage.

If you are looking for a high-end processor that offers a lot of power, Intel’s i7 and i9 chips are more expensive but offer the most powerful processing power for your computer. They cut time spent loading and rendering screens.


RAM, also known as Random Access Memory, is where active data from your system process and applications are stored. It is the short-term memory or temporary memory that your computer uses to do real-time calculations and operations The more RAM you have, the more applications and browsers you can access from your computer.

Nowadays applications and web browsers require more RAM to run than ever before. If you are someone who has several tabs open simultaneously, then the more RAM you have, the better. More RAM means you can run more applications at the same time, without overloading your computer.


Storage is the space that your computer uses to save data permanently on your computer. There are two types of computer storage components on the market: SSD (solid state drive) and HDD (hard disk drive), and these come in different sizes.

Computers with SSD’s are generally pricier but have faster read and write rates than computers with HDDs. Overall, SSDs are cooler, quieter and more efficient.

HDDs use quick spinning magnetic disks used to store information whereas SSDs use flash memory.
Though they are more expensive, it is advisable to choose a computer with an SSD rather than a conventional hard drive. SDD’s perform the same function as HDD’s but are significantly faster. SDD’s allow you to load and open various files and programs much faster than that of an HDD.

At the end of the day, it really depends on how quickly you wish to switch on and open programs on your computer.


A computer case holds all the components of your machine. Think of it as the chassis to hold all the interior parts that make the computer work together. There are spaces to mount the fan, motherboard, hard drives, optical drives, RAM etc.

Today there are some really eye-catching options available which can give your tower a unique look. Gamers, developers and tech enthusiasts alike can select a suitable one for their individual needs. Each comes with different slot spaces and size, and will accommodate the various components accordingly. It is not simply a case of one size fits all anymore.

Use Afterpay To Buy Computer Parts Now and Pay Later

Through services like Afterpay, ZipPay and Oxipay, you are able to buy the computer parts that you need to make your machine a top spec one that meets your requirements. Should your computer parts total more than $1,000 you can buy them today to pay off later through ZipMoney.

Easy instalment plans mean that you can better afford the parts you need. Instead of having to come up with one lump sum to secure delivery, payments are split into more affordable amounts that you pay back within a stipulated amount of time.

You get immediate delivery and do not incur any long-term charges. There is no interest to worry about, or contract fees to settle. Payments can be managed through your mobile phone, and you get access to funds straight away. It couldn’t be any simpler to secure your Afterpay computer parts through these services.

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