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Have you ever found something that was on special or that you really wanted to buy but had to wait till your next paycheck to afford? If so, Afterpay offers you a unique payment alternative whereby you can purchase goods online, get immediate delivery, and then pay for them later.

What Is Afterpay?

It is a buy now pay later service that allows you to buy products online, get delivery now, and then settle up your purchase in instalments at a later stage. Instalments are set up to cover your entire order in 4 fortnightly repayments, which means there are no long-term charges that tie you down for months.

Benefits Of Using Afterpay

You get various benefits from using this payment service. These include:

  • No interest or sign up fees
  • Quick and easy sign-up process
  • Affordable repayment in 4 fortnightly instalments
  • No waiting once your order is approved – delivery is immediate

How The Service Works

To use this service, the first thing that you need to do is to create an Afterpay account or log in to your existing account. From there you can place an order online and select Afterpay as your payment method. Once approved, the retailer will dispatch your order.

You can also use this buy now pay later service in-store using the Afterpay app. Download it onto your phone and create an account to get started.

Certain limitations do apply for this service – orders need to be between $55 and $1000 with shipping included. Additionally, new customers to the service will need to have the first instalment amount available on their debit or credit card at the time of purchase. Alternatively, the first payment will be deducted right away. Ultimately this depends on the retailer.

Requirements to be eligible

  • You must be 18 years or older as well as the holder of an eligible debit or credit card to apply.
  • Only Mastercard and Visa credit/debit cards issued in Australia are eligible for Afterpay services.
  • You must have a valid and verifiable email address and Australian telephone number
  • Provide a valid Australian delivery address
  • Be capable of entering into legally binding contracts

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I return my Afterpay order?

You are able to return an order according to the retailer’s respective returns policies. If you decide to return goods which have been purchased using Afterpay services, you need to request a refund directly from the applicable retailer. Following this request, you then need to return the product within the prescribed time period.

How long until your refund reflects on your card?

After your order has been returned to the retailer, you will be sent a notification regarding your refund. Thereafter, Afterpay will cancel any future payments and refund any instalments that were made to date.

Are you able to order multiple products using Afterpay?

Yes, you are able to make multiple online purchases and the purchase and shipping costs will be covered by Afterpay.

What can you buy with Afterpay?

There are 30,000+ items available with Afterpay. However, some gift cards, mobile phones, and other technology devices are not available through Afterpay due to commercial agreements.