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Oxipay provides you with a smart solution to take control of your money by allowing you to buy items immediately and pay for them later. Using this buy now pay later service, you are able to find a payment plan that offers more flexibility and convenience than traditional credit facilities would afford you.

What Is Oxipay?

Sometimes you might come across something you really want but don’t have the money available immediately to buy it. By using Oxipay, you can buy items regardless if you have the funds available in your bank account or not.

You can then set up repayments using weekly or fortnightly instalments that are interest-free with no other hidden costs. Oxipay gives you the flexibility you need to buy and spend at your pace and lifestyle.

Benefits Of Oxipay

  • Hundreds of available merchants for you to shop at
  • The sign-up process is easy and fast allowing you to quickly and conveniently begin using the service
  • You can choose between 8 weekly or 4 fortnightly payments
  • Easy login process allowing you to conveniently monitor and manage payments, purchase history, and total owed
  • Free from interest rates or other hidden costs/fees.

How The Service Works

To make use of the payment service, you need to first create an Oxipay account by following the easy step by step application process. Once your account has been created and approved, you will be able to place orders from selected retailers using Oxipay as your payment method.

From there you can log onto your account at any time and manage your payment plan. You will be able to increase your purchasing limits as the service learns more about you and your payment history.

Requirements to be eligible for an account
To create an account, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be at least 18 years or older
  • Must be a permanent resident of Australia
  • You need to provide a valid email address and telephone number
  • Have a valid credit card in your name registered in an Australian bank

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Oxipay?

You are able to use Oxipay at any of the associated affiliate retailers that offer it as a payment method. When shopping online, all you need to do is select Oxipay as the payment method.

Additionally, when shopping in selected stores, you will need to let the sales staff know that you would like to pay using Oxipay.

What does it cost to use Oxipay?

You will not be charged any fees as long as your payments are made on time. If they are late, then late payment fees may apply.

Who do you contact regarding refunds?

To request a refund, you will need to contact the retailer where the relevant purchase was made. They will then issue a refund in accordance with their refund policy.

Once the refund has been accepted by the retailer, Oxipay will refund you with what you have paid and cancel any future payments pertaining to that product/item.