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Afterpay Sunglasses – Buy Now Pay Later

Robert Collins AuthorAuthor: Robert Collins
Updated July, 2024

Buy Now Pay Later services have become increasingly popular over recent years which is great for consumers because more shops are jumping on board.

Services like Afterpay, ZipPay, Clearpay and Openpay have made it easy for consumers to pay for various products in smaller installments.

We've provided a list of the most recommended retailers based on a number of factors, including Support, Shipping & Range of products.

Stores selling sunglasses that accept Afterpay, ZipPay, Clearpay or Oxipay/Humm

List coming soon…

Protect Your Eyes and Look Stylish With Afterpay Sunglasses

Protecting your eyes from the sun (while looking stylish) is an important part of spending time outdoors, especially in Australia where sun protection is a top priority.

Sunglasses are such a popular accessory today that it can be tough to choose only one pair to buy, which is why lots of people own more than a few pairs!

But before you go ahead and buy something without thinking, stop and take a moment to think about what you’re really looking for.

Things to Consider When Buying Sunglasses

So you’ve seen some brands and different styles that you like, but there are still a lot of things to think about. Here are some questions to ask yourself before making any kind of purchase:

  1. What kind of UV protection are you looking for?
  2. What style do you feel most comfortable in?
  3. What is your budget?
  4. How often will you be wearing them?
  5. Where will you be wearing them?

Once you’ve considered all of these questions, you can start to decide what kinds of glasses to buy. At the end of the day, it’s all about what suits you, and what is complementary to your style.

To help make your choice a bit easier, and to give you a good idea of what’s available out there, here are a few categories of shades that you can choose from:

Statement Sunglasses

You’re going to want to have a great pair of frames to go with your outfit at the next party or festival, right? While a good sturdy pair of sunglasses might do the trick, you’ll be wanting to add a little bit extra to your look with sunnies that make you stand out.

Big lenses, colourful frames and all kinds of other styles can help here. What’s fun is that there is no limit to the kinds of looks you can choose from.

Ray Ban and other established brands offer a solid, contemporary feel, but so many other people are likely to be wearing the same pair. How about going a bit crazy with some vintage inspired Versace instead?

With such a variety of local designers in Australia, you can also choose to go for something that has been conceptualised closer to home. Choosing something like this also means that it will go perfectly with the locally designed outfit you were planning to wear anyway too!

Outdoor Sunglasses

If you’re a person who likes to spend time outdoors, investing in a good quality pair is a good idea, especially if you like to go to the beach.

Popular brands offer good protection against the sun, but if you’re going to be dealing with glare in your face the whole day, you’re going to need to get some lenses with high UV protection. Polarised lenses are a popular choice here, and many well-known brands will offer at least a few different styles with these kinds of lenses.

Oakley shades are known for being a bit sportier, but they’ve also transitioned well into being able to be worn more casually too. Since these were designed with the outdoors in mind, they will be perfect for those who aren’t necessarily too rugged but like getting outside.

Sports Sunglasses

If you’re a cyclist or someone who likes to get down and dirty, you’ll want to buy a pair that not only protects your eyes from the sun but is also sturdy.

Sunglasses with thin metal frames might be lighter, but they also get crushed a lot easier, so you’ll want to look at materials that are both flexible and tough.

Some sports frames are designed to be lightweight, which is a bonus. However, slightly wider lenses will protect your face from dust and other flying objects while you’re speeding through those downhills.

Since harsh sun is something that all us Australians are accustomed to dealing with, there are a variety of brands to choose from when it comes to selecting a good pair of shades for outdoor activities.

Buy Now and Pay Later with Afterpay

Good quality sunnies don’t come cheap. So if you’re looking to invest in a decent pair, it’s understandable that you might not have the cash to pay for them upfront. But no worries! If you use services like Afterpay, ZipPay or Oxipay, you can still get your hands on a new pair and pay it off in four instalments. How great is that?

An added benefit of using Afterpay, ZipPay or Oxipay is that you can manage all transactions on your phone, which is more secure, and you don’t have to waste time talking to a consultant! There are also no sign up fees and no interest. You don’t have to wait to be approved either, so getting started is quick and easy.

Buying a new pair of sunglasses is now more convenient than ever!

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