7 Useful Apple Watch Tips And Tricks 

By May 8, 2019 Watches

An Apple Watch is a future-ready electronic gadget. Apple is a tech brand with an unshakeable reputation. No matter how strong the contenders are, how ultra cool new features are, how low the prices are (though a lot of people are using Afterpay to pay for their watch), other brands can’t beat Apple. It always has its charm. The unrivalled quality that the brand offers can be seen in each of its products and the Apple Watch is no exception. So how do you make the most of your Apple Watch? Here are 7 useful tips.

Apple watch on wrist

  1. Monitor your health and stay safe

One of the major advantages of owning an Apple Watch is that it can double up as a fitness band. It can do all that a fitness band can do including monitoring of your heart rate, sleep patterns, and activity levels plus plenty of other things. You would be able to choose from an assortment of fitness programs. The ECG and the fall detection features added in Watch 4 have received a huge welcome. The ECG feature notifies you about heart rate anomalies at an early stage. The fall detection option sends out alert messages and calls for help when a fall is detected. Therefore your Apple Watch can be your ideal healthcare companion that travels with you everywhere.

  1. The truest sense of water resistance

Apple Watches are designed to conveniently use outdoor. Water resistance and tough build quality are some of the parameters that deliver this convenience. The tightly sealed watch case can prevent water from entering the circuit. But still, there are chances of water seepage. This is where the water eject feature on Apple Watch comes handy. Make sure that you use this option soon after a swim or soon after you get drenched in the rain. This helps protect the circuits from water damage.

  1. Take quick photos

Capturing photos by using the Apple Watch as the shutter trigger is one of the most convenient features. For those who love taking selfies the watch face can be used as a digital viewfinder before clicking the picture. It is even better than using the timer mode in the camera. So you can position the iPhone and adjust your frame and capture the perfect shot. All it takes is a good tripod and your happy subjects to make a great photo with the Apple Watch.

  1. Add a time difference

If you have the habit of setting your clock to run 5 minutes fast, know that you can do the same thing with your Apple Watch as well. While the time settings are automatically adjusted based on the service provider data manual adjustment is also easy. You can simply add a few minutes to you Watch time from the Time settings page. This ensures that you do not run late for your meeting the next time.

  1. An MP3 player on your wrist

If you love to listen to music during your morning run or during your workout you do not have to carry your iPhone for carrying your music. Your Apple Watch allows you to synchronize your music and listen to it anytime from anywhere. This doesn’t require your iPhone to be physically present close to your location. You can pair this feature with your AirPods for the total freedom of movement when you work out. No chords and no confusion here.

  1. Send quick, short replies

Typing messages on the watch face might not be a pleasant experience. But the predictive text mode is a handy feature that makes this job simpler. You would be able to scribble on your watch face with the predictive text input mode on. Then you can select from the text options displayed. This is a useful feature that lets you send quick replies without having to take your phone out.

  1. A physical password for your Mac machine

Besides, all the cool things that an Apple Watch can already do, Apple has some big plans for it. This could also become the one-stop authentication tool for various Mac and Apple devices. It is already compatible to be used as an automatically unlock strategy for Mac machines. If you sit near your Mac computer while wearing your Apple Watch the machine can automatically be unlocked. This is applicable for Watch OS 3 and newer versions. Enable the 2-step authentication option in your Apple ID before you choose this feature.

The Apple Watch can also be customized with a photo of your choice as the watch face. Organizing the apps on your Apple Watch and answering calls and putting them on hold are all convenient. Ensure that you keep your Watch updated with the latest software updates so as to enjoy all the cool functionalities and safety features.

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