Apple Watch Vs Galaxy Watch: Pros and Cons

What’s this craze for smartwatches? Are you in awe of the recent technological outburst in the hand gear section? Read through the article to be in a better position and make the right decision. Introduction: With the recently released Apple Smartwatch Series 4, the market is rife with speculation that it is going to be the best smartwatch wearable from the giant yet. This may be because the smartphone comes with a much larger display; something that smartwatch manufacturers shy away from because it makes the watch look bulky and out of fashion. Apart from the bigger, the bolder display,…

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7 Useful Apple Watch Tips And Tricks 

An Apple Watch is a future-ready electronic gadget. Apple is a tech brand with an unshakeable reputation. No matter how strong the contenders are, how ultra cool new features are, how low the prices are (though a lot of people are using Afterpay to pay for their watch), other brands can’t beat Apple. It always has its charm. The unrivalled quality that the brand offers can be seen in each of its products and the Apple Watch is no exception. So how do you make the most of your Apple Watch? Here are 7 useful tips. Monitor your health and…

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